Annual Giving Campaign

Each year, we host an Annual Giving Campaign so we can continue supporting Minority Serving Institutions across the country. We are always grateful for donations throughout the year (donate here), but we restrict our official fundraising efforts to a single month-long campaign per year to minimize fundraising fatigue for our supporters. As a non-profit, our main research projects and programming are generally funded by grants, but donations like yours are essential for us to fund our operational costs and staffing.

By donating to CMSI, you are helping us:

  • Spread public awareness of Minority Serving Institutions and how they are benefiting our country's most under-served students
  • Provide opportunities such as study abroad scholarships, professional development workshops, and research opportunities for MSI faculty, students, staff, and leadership
  • Produce original research on MSIs and the innovative programs they've developed to aid students from minority backgrounds.

Your generosity has allowed us to launch programs such as Project Passport, which provides 10-12 MSIs each year with comprehensive programming to expand their study abroad programs (including scholarships and free passports for students), as well as our annual MSI Graduate Student Weekend and ELEVATE programs. With your help, we've also been able to partner with the Mellon Foundation to prepare 90 students from Hispanic Serving Institutions to become college professors and increase faculty diversity. Finally, your donations have allowed us to produce in-depth reports, offer research fellowships, and even create a grant writing guide for MSI practitioners.

We're all in this together. Now that CMSI has become more established, we are aiming to expand the scope of our support for as many MSIs and their students as we can. This is why your donations count for more than just fundraising—they collectively demonstrate our shared commitment to lifting MSIs, students of color, and the diversity of our nation.