Cheryl Crazy Bull

Dr. Cheryl Crazy Bull (Lakota), whose Lakota name Wacinyanpi Win means “they depend on her,” has more than 30 years of experience working in education for adults, higher education, and K-12 with Native American institutions.  She currently serves as President and CEO of American Indian College Fund.  Dr. Crazy Bull has served as the President of Northwest Indian College (NWIC), a regional tribally-controlled institution located on the Lummi Nation in Washington, for the last 10 years. During her tenure at NWIC, the college became a four-year degree-granting institution and completed substantial campus improvements, including seven new buildings as part of a capital campaign. 

Crazy Bull graduated from the University of South Dakota with a bachelor’s degree in business management and South Dakota State University with a master’s degree in education administration. She was a member of a cohort of Native educators who participated in a reservation-based master’s program funded in part by the Bush Foundation as a collaboration of South Dakota State University, Sinte Gleska University, and Oglala Lakota College.