Janie Raghundan

My name is Janie Raghunandan. Along with being an English major at Florida International University, I am also pursuing a certificate in Professional and Technical Writing and a minor in Communication Arts. The malleability and openness of writing and the flexibility of language amazes me, which is why I am interested in studying Rhetoric and Composition. I’m also a Peer Tutor at the Center for Excellence in Writing at my university; this experience allows me to actively explore both Rhetoric and Composition, as well as enrich my curiosity in writing center pedagogy, another area of my interest. In addition, due to my fluid, hyphenated background of being a Guyanese-American I am also intrigued by Caribbean Literature. Caribbean Literature benefits me personally because growing up I wasn’t aware that people like me existed in literature. Reading texts that discuss my culture’s experience and is written in my nation’s language and the Caribbean dialects that my family speaks is refreshing and enlightening. Personally, I love learning and would like to expand my knowledge and continue the legacy of passionate learning and teaching, as well as working in a field that promotes learning.