Victor Hurtado

Victor Hurtado is a fourth-year student at the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP), pursuing a BA in art history and a minor in national security studies. Hurtado is interested in architectural history and cultural heritage preservation.

During his time as undergraduate student, Victor has held positions as an undergraduate teaching assistant, community advocate, undergraduate researcher, and intern. In 2014, Victor joined the Entering Student Program as undergraduate teaching assistant where he helped new UTEP students in transitioning from high school to college and delivered tours about Bhutanese art and architecture on campus.

As an aspiring architectural preservationist, Victor interned with the Texas Historical Commission in Austin and worked with the Community Heritage Development Division and the Division of Architecture. In Spring 2016, he delivered a presentation titled U.S. Post Office: A Jewel in the Center of our City at the 3rd Annual Art History Symposium, which focused on the architectural history of El Paso’s iconic downtown post office. In early 2017, he joined the Architectural Preservation Committee with the Texas Trost Society; as part of his advocacy, Victor has guided tours of El Paso’s historic architecture in both English and Spanish.

Reflecting his international interests, Victor researched the destruction of cultural heritage in Iraq and Syria by armed groups and extremists, a project supported by the Campus Office of Undergraduate Research Initiatives. His research examines rationales for heritage destruction as well as responses from the international heritage community to halt or mitigate the mistreatment of culture. Upon graduation, Victor intends to pursue graduate-level education in art history and cultural preservation.