What is the Penn Center for Minority Serving Institutions?

The Penn Center for Minority Serving Institutions (CMSI), housed in the University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate School of Education, serves as a repository for research, data, best practices, emerging innovations, and ideas on and within MSIs. With support from our sponsors, CMSI supports funders, researchers, policymakers, MSIs, and scholars to promote the strengths and address challenges facing these institutions.

What are the goals of the Center?

To foster understanding by:

  • Increasing rigorous scholarship on MSIs; and
  • Informing administrative, instructional, and philanthropic practices at MSIs

To raise awareness by:

  • Elevating the educational contributions of MSIs, and ensuring their participation in national conversations;
  • Advancing effective policies that have a positive impact on strengthening MSIs, the development and support of their students and faculty, and the quality of the elementary and secondary schools within their communities; and
  • Bolstering the efforts of MSIs to close educational achievement gaps and assessment performance of disadvantaged communities.

To build connections by:

  • Connecting MSIs’ academic and administrative leadership to leading reform and improvement organizations and initiatives in the United States;
  • Bringing together MSIs around their common interests, strengths, and challenges to increase efficiency and optimize resources; and
  • Ensuring that the academic program offerings of MSIs are connected with the leading innovations in higher education