Gema Ludisaca

Gema was born in Los Angeles CA to Ecuadorian immigrants. Having faced great economic disadvantage and hardship throughout most of her childhood, she attributes her success and determination to a genuine love for reading and writing. At an early age she taught herself  to write poetry and fiction and to utilize those skills as creative outlets. While attending community college as a single mother, she also developed an interest in 19th century literature and consequently decided to pursue a degree in English literature. Because of the various struggles and obstacles that she encountered, following a non-traditional path into higher education, she feels deeply connected with the mission of the HSI Pathways To The Professoriate program. Gema wants to represent her community and wants her presence in the professoriate to motivate and inspire underrepresented students to follow their passion and dream big. She also wants to challenge herself through the experience and show her son the value of hard work and determination. As part of the program, Gema wants to use the support of the HSI Pathways network to pursue a Ph.D in English Literature and conduct research on 19th century English and American literature, focusing on the use of feminist theory and the representation of women and children in literature.