Nerea Hernandez

Nerea Hernandez is a Latina college student living in the borderland between the United States and Mexico. Having lived most of her life in Mexico, Nerea used her adaptation and observation skills when it came to moving and studying in the United States. She is currently a student at the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) and is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in anthropology. Her multicultural background and geographical location has helped Nerea develop an interest in border studies and Latino culture in the United States. Along the lines of these topics, she is also interested in social justice, equity, and education.

Nerea’s outgoing personality and empathetic nature have motivated her to study her environment and think of ways which she could help her community. She is recently involved in the Women and Gender Studies Program at her university which has allowed her to become more closely involved with community projects. Most of the projects she has helped with involve helping the Latino community, thus helping her acquire a more detailed idea of how she wishes to help her community in the future. The last projects she participated in included the creation of a leadership certification program for community leaders and a local initiative to promote Latina mental health and offer services to the participants. Nerea is deeply driven by her culture and heritage and seeks to help promote the idea of embracing one’s heritage and feeling comfortable as a hybrid in our multicultural country.